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Remember Pompeii
Remember Pompeii

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Remember Pompeii

She’s lived 200 lifetimes. And never turned 17.

Kali Brewster isn’t like other teenage girls. She can’t be because her qi, her immortal soul, is 3623 years old. It’s what makes her a wanshiqi, part of an immortal race who can reincarnate into any form. But Kali’s different, even among her kind.

She’s serving her sentence for what happened in Pompeii. As punishment, she and her family are forced to reincarnate into human bodies, shackling their existence to one life form.

Reaching her 17th human birthday will end her sentence and return her family to their full wanshiqi existence. Once that happens, all her ties to them will be broken. She will come of age. Nothing will ever be like it was again.

Her one goal for the past 200 lifetimes? To die before her 17th human birthday. She has yet to fail. The trick is making her family think her death is an accident. Because none of them are pleased to be a part of her punishment and all of them want it to be over. But it’s not up to them. It’s up to her.

She doesn’t want everything to change. She doesn’t want to lose who she is. She doesn’t want to let go of her family. She’s about to learn that this is the lifetime where every decision counts. And living might be the only way to protect what really matters to her.

Remember Pompeii is a YA contemporary fantasy that is sure to delight fans of Shereen Vedam’s Outside the Circle Mysteries with its complicated heroine, buried secrets, and mythical beings. This book has all of the family drama and historical moments of The Originals with none of the blood drinking.




Blurbs and Reviews

“In the exciting series-opening fantasy novel Remember Pompeii, a powerful teenager resists coming of age through multiple reincarnations for reasons that she keeps secret from those she loves.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“You won’t want to put Remember Pompeii down as the plot keeps you hooked. Suitable for young adults and fans of fantasy, Remember Pompeii is a must-read! I look forward to the next book.”
Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review by Ronél Steyn

“An intriguing and complex but slow-burning read.”
Kirkus Reviews

“I could not put this book down and can’t wait to read what comes next. The twist and turns made you feel for everyone. I was transported into Kali’s life and felt what she felt.”
Andi Lee, NetGalley Reviewer

“Remember Pompeii by Kika Emers is an exceptional book that I absolutely loved.”
Amanda Richard, NetGalley Reviewer

“The plot is so good, it has a ton of layers. If you enjoy a book where you can’t tell hero from villain this is the book for you.”
Amy Hunziker-Ross, NetGalley Reviewer

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