Believing in the Unbelievables

Adult Workshops

There are a thousands steps in the writing journey. Along the way, I’ve gained important skills and had amazing insights that I’d like to share with you. 

About My Workshops and Presentations for Adults

Using PowerPoint slide shows, I focus each workshop on a specific aspect of my writing career and give the participants the tools to effectively navigate the challenges they will face there.

I also discuss what it’s really like to be an author and share what authors do all day.

The workshop sessions are limited to 40 people per session so everyone can have a chance to get involved and receive hands-on feedback during the workshop.

The presentations are more informational and the interactive component is limited to a Q&A session. Presentation sessions are limited to 80 people per session to ensure an effective presentation.
Download a PDF with more details on the workshops, presentations, book club visits and me.

I offer four different workshops:

Juggling Priorities: How to Be a Productive Part-Time Writer (60 minutes)

Turning Up the Heat: Writing Good Love Scenes (60 minutes)

Finding Your Story: How to Turn an Idea into a Story (60 minutes)

The Importance of Giving Up (60 minutes)

I offer two different presentations:

The Paths to Publication (60 minutes)

An Insider’s Peek at the Author’s Life (60 minutes)

Workshop and Presentation Pricing for Adults

Single session (Day or Evening): $150

2 sessions: $275

3 sessions: $400

4 sessions: $500

1 hour Skype writing workshop/presentation: $75

Each workshop session is limited to 40 participants to ensure that all participants have a chance to participate.

Each presentation session is limited to 80 participants to ensure an effective presentation for the participants.

Block Booking Discounts Available

Travel fees apply for locations beyond a one-hour drive.

Driving – $0.50/mile

For locations requiring overnight stays or long-distance travel, please contact me.

For information on Book Club Visits, please see the PDF below.
Download a PDF with more details on the workshops, presentations, book club visits and me.

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