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School Visits

As a former high school nerd, I love visiting schools and talking with students about my writing process. 

About My Workshops and Presentations for Schools

My workshops are in-depth explanations of how I create my books. They are designed for audiences in grades 7-12. Using PowerPoint slide shows, I focus on different aspects of the writing process, including: experiencing inspiration, generating ideas, developing concepts, writing rough drafts, revising, and creating final copies with the publisher.

I explain how the writing processes are linked for me and emphasize the importance of all the revising and editing I do to my work while creating it. During my revision workshop, I even share drafts with the students and demonstrate why it’s so important to keep working and reworking the writing.

I also discuss what it’s like to be an author and share what authors really do all day.

The workshop sessions are limited to 40 students per session so students can have a chance to get involved and receive hands-on feedback during the workshop.

In addition to the workshops, I also offer a general presentation on the author’s life. The presentation is more informational and suited to a larger audience. The interactive component is limited to a Q&A session. Presentation sessions are limited to 80 students per session to ensure an effective presentation.
Download a PDF with more details on the workshops, presentations, and me.

I offer four different workshops

Finding your Story: Going from Inspiration to Idea to Concept (45 minutes)

Revision: Getting It Right on the Fourth Try (45 minutes)

Flash Fiction Writing Workshop (45 minutes)

Juggling Priorities: Time Management Techniques from a Former Management Consultant (45 minutes)

I offer one general presentation:

An Insider’s Peek at the Author’s Life (45 minutes)


I really enjoyed the workshop. Kourtney did an excellent job helping the audience create the frame for a short story. I would recommend her highly.

-Ms. Wendy Hellekson,
Ella T. Grasso Technical High School

Kourtney did such a fabulous job engaging my ninth grade English students! Her Flash Fiction Workshop was both highly informative and perfectly paced. My students learned how to recognize the elements of story-telling (reinforcing what they had been learning about fiction in class) and wrote their own stories. They were particularly impressed with the models Kourtney used to demonstrate how a flash fiction story works, and they all wanted to share the stories they wrote; our only drawback was we ran out to time to hear all of them. An added bonus was the raffle for Kourtney’s YA ghost story, The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts. The winner has been passing the book around the dorm, to much acclaim.

-Anna Carew-Miller, Ph.D.,
The Gunnery
English Department/Freshmen Coordinator

Workshops or General Presentation Pricing for School Visits

Single session (Day or Evening) – $150

2 sessions – $275

3 sessions – $400

4 sessions – $500

1 hour Skype writing workshop/general presentation – $75

Each workshop session is limited to 40 students to ensure that all students have a chance to participate.

Each presentation session is limited to 80 students to ensure an effective presentation for the students.

Block Booking Discounts Available

The discount can be shared by multiple schools.

*Travel fees apply for schools beyond a one-hour drive*

Driving – $0.50/mile

For schools requiring overnight stays or long-distance travel, please contact me for details.

Download a PDF with more details on the workshops, presentations, and me.

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