Believing in the Unbelievables


Here’s some poems I’ve written over the years. I’ll be releasing more poems, so please check back for updates.

I will spin you a web of normal
A safe backdrop to your existence
I will give you the gift of consistency
A semblance of something simple
I will pretend away the darkness
A sacrifice to keep you safe
I will reset the axis of your life
A sacredness that will not be denied
I will rebalance everything
A seal upon my promise
I will spin you a web of normal.



Sometimes I sit here
Wondering is it you or me
Who set this world in motion
Careening toward infinity
Spiraling from darkness
Exploding into nothingness
Destroying all that once was
Momentum can overwhelm you in flight
Flaming lips can burn the delicateness that is you
Passion is the greatest memoir to write itself
Unfurling wings do strike me now
remembrance unties her sash
Entreating me with her embrace once more
Into the flesh of what was
The ecstasy of her carries me away from all I believe myself to be
And I am neither you nor me


everything’s in lowercase

in my world
i hurt
in a way that uppercase
overwhelms me
preferring a smaller dose of
i cry
for a love that fled
abandoned me at my lowest
when things couldn’t get worse
they did
he disappeared
but i will deal in my own way
in time
everything’s in lowercase
because nothing
adheres to the rules
and reality must become soft
everything’s lowercase
in my mind
the great uppercase us and i are gone


I have kept you alive

Nourished your spirit

Summoned your voice

Inside my mind

You remain

A dozen years after you died

I keep you here

Do you forgive me yet?



The flies are walking around inside my head again

The bees are swimming inside your eyes again

The blood is trumpeting within my ears again

The sky is raining within your mouth again


He said she would leave him

She promised to love him

He knew she couldn’t

She swore eternal devotion

He saw her infidelity

She begged for his love

He felt her manipulations

She remained with him

He thought she was gone

She cried for him

He heard her tauntings

She died in his bed

He lived in his study

She left him

He knew she would never stay

She loved him

He loved her


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